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Steins has been in the jewelry and loan business since 1933. Back in the early 2000’s, the previous owner, Ken Stein stopped doing loans on jewelry as the laws were too tough on loans. Well, the new ownership got the city to approve Steins Jewelry and Loan to accept jewelry as collateral for loans.

Steins has been selling jewelry for decades. Most of their jewelry is preowned, polished and inspected to be like new. This will save our customers hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on their purchase. If a mall jewelry store charges $5000 for a ring, more than likely, you can find it at Steins for $2000 or LESS.

Steins also has a nice collection of antique and estate jewelry. We have connections around the world if you are looking for something unique, or if you are looking for a diamond, we can help too.

Trade your old jewelry for gorgeous rings!

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